Boycott The RIAA This March.

I'm sure you know who the RIAA is and how undenyably evil this organization is. Their tactics are LITERALLY downright terrorist-like and its about time we the consumer tell them how we feel the only way that we really can.

In their pockets.

I am urging you to not buy any CDs from major labels during the month of March. I know that can be difficult, but together we can fight this very Unamerican company and their cutthroat tactics of instilling control through fear and trying to undercut our rights to privacy and due process.

PLEASE join with me and the others as you pass this information along and learn more about what this company is doing to destroy our freedoms.

This is not an advocacy of piracy mind you, but and advocacy of of the American way. People do not deserve to be treated in this way, and any company that operates in this way should be backhanded by the American people and our government. Obviously our government isn't going to do anything about it so its up to US.

Go here for way more information.

Please pass this on. Thats the only way we can succeed.

Top 5's of 2006

Yup, I'm late this year but whatever. You can deal with it.

So this year pretty much sucked ass for music. Not too much to write home about but these are the CDs that I liked the most.

Top 5 CDs.
5.)The Draft - Million Peices
Hot Water Music didnt die! YAAAAAAY! This CD is kinda even better... Who knew?
4.)Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies - Love Their Country
Come on. Its the Gimmies. I am required by law to place this on my list.
3.)VCR - Power Destiny & Misfits Tape
Not the strongest CD in the world, but god damn if their sound isnt AWESOME. And MISFITS covers? With KEYBOARDS? SEX!!! Yes, they are that good they can pull of keyboard driven Misfits covers.
2.) Moneen - The Red Tree
I love Moneen. You should too... Or I will stab you in the eye.
1.) Ryan's Hope - Apocalypse in Increments
Hands down, my favorite, most listened to CD this year. If these guys don't blow up then my faith is shattered in the music world. Oh wait that happens everytime Fallout Boy gets played on the radio.

Honorable Mentions:
Much The Same - Survivive - its a great fast pop punk cd and its got some badass songs on it.
Cursive - Happy Hollows - I really like what I've heard but I really havent sat and absorbed the CD like I should. God I suck at life.
Brandston - Hello Control - Very few bands can reinvent themselves so drastically and not suck. This is one of those bands.

Top 5 Movies
5.) Pirates of Carribean: Dead Man's Chest - I enjoyed the movie, the effects were AMAZING. It was a good solid popcorner.
4.) Clerks 2 - I dont really need to say anything about this movie do I?
3.) Rocky Balboa - I'm not going to lie, I never really watched the Rocky movies ever. I remember seeing IV vaugely as a kid and I just recently watched Rocky for the first time and realized why it is one of the greatest American movies. Balboa is the opposite bookend to that movie. It parrallels the original in many ways, especially in the training montage, and most importantly it upheld the Rocky mythos that if you put your heart into it you can do anything no matter what anyone says different, its about going the distance.
2.) V For Vendetta - This movie is unbeleivably awesome. If you havent seen it, you're missing out. Its smart, pretty, and actionriffic like none other.
1.) Superman Returns - Say what you want about this film, this is my favorite for the year. The Christopher Reeves Superman movies will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart as my favorite movies as a child (yes even more than Star Wars, GASP!) This movie successfully took the themes and magic of those movies and infused them into a new beast, that yeah it does have its flaws, but you just can't make a deep character piece out of Superman like you can out of Batman or Spiderman.

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Things that make me happy:
Guitar Hero 2 tomorrow.
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies on Dec 3rd
Watching Star Wars Episode 1-3 & Clone Wars on my parents bigass tv and loud as fuck in surround sound. (housesitting for the parents)
Tonight is the original version holy trilogy

I need a biggass tv and surround sound system...

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So whats happened since I last posted?

I moved.
I am horrendously addicted to Battlestar Galactica, Threadless Tshirts, and Sriracha Hot Sauce.
My car got keyed and fixed.
I went to Wizard World with Sal and Dave and got my geek on.
I got to see Kevin Smith and hear him talk a guy into proposing to his girlfriend on stage.
I got to see Dane Cook and it was FREE!
I am counting the days until both Guitar Hero 2 and the Nintendo Wii come out. (both on different days, mind you)
We had a 6/6/06 party that was pretty awesome. I dressed up as birthday satan.
We had a photoshoot for said party's invitations and took a bunch of macabre photos with my roommates and myself.
Went and saw Superman Returns on release day in 3D Imax. I don't remember ever feeling so much like an happy 8year old than when I left.

Thats all I can think of so far.